Underfoot Yoho Brushed Oiled Sample

Wood Flooring

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The Underfoot Yoho Brushed Oiled flooring is ideal for you if you are looking for natural wood flooring with lots of character. The deep brown grains and knots running through the boards would add authenticity to each room in your house. These features in the wood have been enhanced from the brushed finishing of the wood as it helps to expose the natural qualities the wood has. Topped with coatings of oil will add longevity to the flooring to stand the test of time although top-up would be needed periodically to keep the flooring in good condition. The natural colour of brown wood brings a relaxing, earthy vibe, perfect when you are trying to create a peaceful home, especially after a hard day’s work. As the wood is pale in colour, it helps to bring in extra light, making your home feel bright and spacious.