Underfoot YellowStone Walnut Stained Lacquered Sample

Wood Flooring

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The Underfoot YellowStone Walnut Stained Lacquered flooring is the one if you are looking for an easy to maintain dark wood flooring. This stunning dark chocolate brown flooring is great for any home, in particular, modern and contemporary interior styled homes. The rich colour oozes elegance and sophistication which will draw the eye into the deep caramel coloured grains running through the boards, which gives the flooring character and depth. It is the perfect colour to create a contrast in colour with lighter walls and décor which will make your home feel earthy and cosy from the warm hues of the deep colour flooring. It will also add more brightness to a room compared to other dark wood floorings as it has a lacquered finish as it adds shine which allows daylight to reflect off it, creating a commodious space, even in smaller rooms.