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Underfoot Van Gogh Black Smoke Sample

Laminate Flooring

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The Underfoot Van Gogh Black Smoke gives a seductive smoky wooden floor effect, without the price tag that is attached to brand new wooden flooring. Laminate flooring is something to consider because it is of high quality and it looks very much like a wooden floor. It is also relatively straight forward to install. The planks are laid vertically which helps to make a room look bigger in its appearance, and they are sleek which means they blend seamlessly together. This type of floor is great for most homes because it is suitable for households with pets and children, as it isn’t prone scratches and slight damages. The flooring is not slippery, and it is not overly shiny in texture, which means it will not be as prone to splash marks and any other type of mark, which overly shiny and glossy textured flooring shows.