Underfoot Thousand Islands Distressed Grey Oiled Sample

Wood Flooring

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The Underfoot Thousand Island Distressed Grey Oiled flooring will add a beautiful modern glamour to your home. The antique finished wooden planks blend seamlessly together, which helps to create a sophisticated looking floor, the vertical planks also help add length to the look of a room. It is also an eye-catching genuine wooden floor, which stands out against other forms of flooring. This type of floor is also extremely durable because of its wooden material, so it is ideal for all types of interiors, this includes busy homes, homes with pets and children, commercial and business premises, as this floor is unlikely to be prone to damages. The floor is also low maintenance as it isn’t shiny, and marks and scratches do not show up as they would on shinier surfaces. There is a commercial warranty of 25 years and a domestic warranty of 25 years.