Underfoot Rocky Mountain Oiled Sample

Wood Flooring

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The Underfoot Rocky Mountain Oiled flooring is perfect if you are looking for a natural oak flooring. The beautiful knots and grains running through the flooring ooze sophistication and class as the flooring will bring a lot of character into your home. This flooring is perfect if you don’t mind a little bit of maintenance. Due to the finish, it will require a little bit of an oil top-up periodically, but it is definitely worth it due to the true beauty the flooring has to offer. The warm, golden-brown colour will add warmth and depth to your home, creating a homely and cosy environment to relax in. The detailing of the darker brown knots and grains will add dimension to your home as it gives a textured illusion. Once more, as the warm brown colour is light, each room will feel more spacious as it will absorb the natural sunlight as it beams through.