Underfoot Nile Smoke Oak Natural Sample

Rigid Core SPC

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The Underfoot Nile Smoke Oak Natural is on chic and sophisticated. If you
are dreaming of flooring which looks clean and smooth in its appearance
and blends well with any pre-existing colour scheme, then this is a great
choice for you. The shade ‘Smoke Oak Natural’ brings a smoky seductive
feel to a room and it has a registered embossed wood effect in its texture,
so it looks like a real wooden floor. The Installation process is efficient as it
uses the Innovation-Click method, so this flooring does not take very long
to install. The floor is also ideal for family homes as it is extremely
durable, so you do not need to worry about maintaining the floor. As the
floor isn’t overly glossy, it is not slippery, so you do not need to worry
about slipping over. There is a 25-year domestic guarantee on this
flooring, as it is a product of high quality. If the flooring is used
commercially, there is a 15-year commercial guarantee.