Underfoot Nahanni Distressed Black Oiled Sample

Wood Flooring

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The Underfoot Nahanni Distressed Black Oiled flooring will add a modern and fashionable twist to your room. The antique finished wooden planks blend effortlessly together, which helps to create a chic and sleek looking floor, the vertical planks also help elongate the look of a room. It is also a genuine wooden floor, which stands out against other variations and materials of flooring. This type of floor is also extremely durable due to its wooden material, so it is ideal for many types of homes, this includes family homes, homes with pets and commercial premises as this floor is unlikely to be prone to damages. Luckily, little maintenance is required to keep this floor looking in brilliant condition because of its oiled texture, so will you not have to worry about keeping the floor looking smooth and shiny. There is a commercial warranty of 25 years and a domestic warranty of 25 years.