Underfoot Kootenay Smoked White UV Oiled Sample

Wood Flooring

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This Underfoot Kootenay Smoked White UV Oiled luxurious looking flooring is a medium brown toned wood with a distressed feel from the white hues in the grains of the wood, which really enhances the detailing of the flooring. It will add dimension to your home as it creates the illusion of added texture even though it has a classic UV oiled finish to it. As it has this finish to the flooring, it will require maintenance to keep it looking newer for longer. It will need to be reoiled periodically in busy areas and on occasions in quieter areas. Creating a herringbone design with the flooring like in the product pictures above, will give your home that elegant, sophisticated look to it as this design is very common in large stately homes. Not only does it look nice but it enhances your living space by making it feel wider, and there, more spacious.