Underfoot Ganges Chrome Slate Tile Sample

Rigid Core SPC

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The Underfoot Ganges Chrome Slate Tile is perfect for those who want a
fashionable and realistic looking slate style flooring, without both the cost
of purchasing genuine slate, as the flooring has authentic tile style.
Chrome Slate styled flooring is good choice various style of homes
because it is dark in colour and it fits well with any type of colour scheme.
This style of flooring is extremely durable, and it is ideal for households
with children and pets as it is rather robust. Slate styled tiles are not
smooth in their texture, so marks will not show up as easily as they would
on a smoother surface and they are very easy to keep clean. They also
add an indoor-outdoor look to your home, which is great if you want to
give a modern look to your interior. There is a domestic warranty of 25
years and the commercial warranty is of 15 years.