Underfoot Danube Herringbone Graphite Oak Sample

Rigid Core SPC

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The Underfoot Danube Herringbone Graphite Oak is amazing, if you are
seeking an elegant and fashionable style of flooring. The shade ‘Graphite
Oak’ adds a chic and seductive look to your room and the shade blends in
well with any most colour pallets. This is not a wooden floor, but it has a
registered embossed wood effect which is chic, and this style of flooring is
regularly featured in interior design photographs. This specification of
flooring is extremely durable, so if you are likely to cause marks and
scratches to your floor, there is no need to worry. The installation is rather
speedy, as it is fitted by using the innovation-click method, meaning the
installation will not take weeks and you will be able to enjoy your floor as
soon as possible. You will be covered with a 25-year guarantee, as the
floor is made to a very high standard. If you use the flooring commercially,
there is a 15-year guarantee.