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Underfoot Congo Cotton Sample

Rigid Core SPC

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The Underfoot Congo range features wide, 100% extra durable planks
making the flooring very versatile as it can be used in any room of your
home whilst creating the appearance of extra space as the planks will help
to widen narrow spaces and make bigger spaces feel more spacious. It is
also easy to look after as it will wipe clean with regular floor cleaner
making it ideal so you don’t to treat real wood but want the wooden
effect. Underfoot Congo Cotton is a pale grey shade with a beigey stone
undertone that adds warmth to the whitewashed flooring. This will create
a cosy and relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for all rooms as it is neutral
so it will suit all décor chooses and colours. The colour is a play on the
traditional wood colour whilst also looking like wood from the authentic
registered embossed finish, creating a contemporary and stylish home.