Underfoot Banksy Hickory Oak Sample

Laminate Flooring

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Give your home the classy natural look with the Underfoot Banksy HickoryOak laminate flooring. The dark, real oak looking flooring would give your home an earthy feel, making your home feel more inviting from the warm hues as well as being a very versatile colour. The grain running through each plank will help to make each room appear more fresh and bright which will help your home to give off a tranquil perception. The detail the knots add in the laminate helps to create a natural effect, making it a brilliant alternative to real wood. The structured surface of each plank makes it highly robust and durable, which is ideal for any room within your home, especially this colour as it’s versatile and can be mixed with a vast array of different colours. The easy click grooves help to create asynchronous pore connection between each plank, resulting in a sleek, well finished real hardwood look to your floor.