Underfoot Banksy Feature Oak Sample

Laminate Flooring

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Give your home the classy stripped back look with the Underfoot Banksy Honeycomb Oak laminate flooring. The natural and slightly distressed looking flooring would give your home a shabby chic feeling to it, especially with the cool undertones of the wood giving that stylish, simplistic feel. The grain running through each plank will help to make each room appear more fresh and roomy, creating a classic feel. The natural, muted colour is a perfect way to create the look of real wood flooring. The detail the knots add in the laminate helps to create a natural effect, making it a brilliant alternative to real wood, giving it a rustic finished feel. The surface of each plank is structured, making it highly robust and durable, which is ideal for any room within your home. The easy click grooves help to create asynchronous pore connection between each plank, resulting in a smooth, well finished real hardwood look to your floor.