Underfoot Banff Smoky Brushed Lacquered Sample

Wood Flooring

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Create a traditional or contemporary home with the Underfoot Banff Smoky Brushed Lacquered wood flooring. The brush lacquered surface adds detail to the flooring. Featuring authentic grains and knots with a slightly smooth yet textured finish, to show off the natural beauty of real wood flooring, especially as each plank is finished with bevelled edges, creating a sleek transition between each plank. The dark brown espresso colour will create a lovely dramatic look in your home, which will add dimension and create a cosy and relaxing environment. It will create a striking contrast if you have a light interior, making it grab attention or it will blend in well if you have dark furnishings. As the flooring is lacquered, you haven’t got to worry about your home being dark as it will help the flooring to reflect light, making your brighter so you don’t have to compromise with a lighter coloured flooring.