Underfoot Amazon Pebble Tile Sample

Rigid Core SPC

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The Underfoot Amazon range mimics the look of tiles by creating XL authentic tile style laminate planks, which is a much more cost and time effective compared to choosing real tiles, especially as the innovation click design makes it quick to install. It is waterproof so you haven’t got to worry about any spills, making it ideal for all homes, in particular, homes with high traffic. The Authentic tile effect is a great way to deceive people, yourself included, as it looks real but you won’t have the worries of getting cold feet as you walk over it. The Underfoot Amazon Pebble Tile shade is an off white colour with a whitewashed, stone effect. This will add texture to a room, making it more cosy and inviting. It will help to illuminate each room, creating a bright and spacious atmosphere whilst oozing elegance and will match any colour palette.