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Scotia Beading Matching Accessory
Scotia Beading Matching Accessory

Scotia Beading Matching


£3.99 £3.99 per pack covering

Select this option and we will ensure we get the best quality match for your selected flooring which you have also purchased.

Scotia beading is used when fitting a floor to ensure that expansion gaps around the perimeter of the flooring and skirting boards or walls are covered sufficiently. With every flooring installation, it is recommended to leave a small expansion gap to allow expansion/contraction of the the flooring caused by humidity changes, our beading covers this expansion gap perfectly, providing a practical solution, while also looking great. We offer a selection of decorative flooring accessories to suit all of our flooring ranges and while it may not always be possible to provide an exact colour match, we'll be able to recommend a similar match to any of the floors we sell. If you're unsure which to purchase, speak to our team.