Maintaining Your Vinyl Flooring

Now you’ve installed your lovely new vinyl flooring, it’s important to look after it. Keeping it in good condition will mean it will look fantastic for many years, and stop it getting scratched, marked or damaged.

General cleaning

One of the easiest ways to keep vinyl clean is to sweep it regularly to stop dirt getting ground in. Regular vacuuming helps too. If you need to wipe any stains or spills up, use the mildest cleaner you can and rinse thoroughly. Water is fine – just don’t let it get down the joints and underneath your tiles.

Some cleaning fluids are wax-based. Check these are okay to use with your vinyl before you start as you could end up with a sticky mess to scrape off if not (cleaning products you mix with water are available for no-wax vinyl flooring).  Avoid scourers and any cloths that’ll scratch your flooring as you won’t be able to repair it once damaged.           

Mats and rugs can stop wear and tear on vinyl flooring too, especially where there’s heavy foot traffic. And putting plywood or spare bits of vinyl down as a base for larger appliances will stop them marking the floor. Use these to ‘walk’ appliances out of the room if you need to move them too.