Maintaining Your Real Wood Flooring

One of the great things about wood flooring is how long it lasts. Wood is tough stuff, but you need to look after it to keep it looking its best for as many years as possible.

Protecting your wood flooring

It’s almost impossible to stop small scratches and dents in your wood flooring, but simple things like putting rugs and mats down will help. Not wearing shoes, particularly those with sharp heels, when walking on the wood is a must, so get everyone in the habit as soon as possible.

Furniture being dragged can scratch the wood too. If you need to move anything, try and lift it. Felt protectors on table and chair legs will prevent smaller scratches too.

Everyday maintenance

It’s important to sweep or brush up every day. Grit and small stones are likely to cause scratches if they’re left to get ground in. A soft brush is all you need for this.

If you’ve got any stains, scrub them out gently with a soft cloth. You can use a mop and bucket on bigger stains, but don’t soak the wood. Never use a steam mop though as these will damage the wood. Avoid furniture polish too, as this will make your floor dangerously slippy.

Wood flooring can be sanded and re-varnished if it gets badly damaged. More oil or lacquer can also be added to floors that have already been treated in these ways.

Hopefully, you won’t need any of these on your shiny new floor for a good while yet though!