Maintaining Your Laminate Flooring

Now you’ve got your lovely new laminate flooring, it’s important you know how to look after it. Keeping it spic’n’span not only keeps it looking fantastic, it also stops it getting scratched, marked or damaged.

Spills and thrills

Laminate isn’t waterproof, so mop up any spilt liquid straightaway. Moisture can get under the tiles and make it warp if you’re not careful.

Muddy footprints and marks should be wiped with a soft damp cloth and then dried. Scourers and anything abrasive will scratch the laminate, so avoid using them. For lose mud and dirt, a stiff brush or vacuum will do the trick.  You can give it a gentle mop if you want, but remember to go easy on the water and dry it afterwards.

To help keep your flooring in tip top condition for longer, cover with mats and rugs where there’s lots of foot traffic and don’t drag furniture across it.

It’s also possible to shine or polish laminate if it’s looking a bit tired, although this should be a good few years off.