Karndean vs Laminate Flooring: Which is Best?

What is Karndean Flooring?

When choosing a new flooring, two types often come up for comparison; laminate flooring and karndean flooring. Laminate flooring has been around for years and many of us will already have it in our homes, but what is Karndean flooring and why should we consider installing it?

Karndean flooring is often recognised as a more versatile and practical alternative to laminate; from the installation, the comfort and warmth underfoot to the flexibility of the actual material which gives it resilience against heat, cold and moisture. It is made from a durable form of vinyl, and one of the major selling points of Karndean installation is that customers can choose from a wide range of patterns, designs and borders to make their flooring unique to them.


Pros of Laminate Flooring

  • Incredibly easy to install, and does not require professional installation.

  • Easy to clean, although care must be taken not to introduce excessive water to the laminate as this can seep between the seams and distort the shape of the planks.

  • Some laminates are incredibly tough as they come with a “wear layer” which protects the design underneath.

  • Consistent quality and appearance.


Pros of Karndean Flooring

  • Karndean has an incredibly realistic look and feel of real wood; whilst laminate floors offer uniformity, Karndean has a very natural appearance.

  • Laminates can expand and shrink under different temperatures and moisture levels, but Karndean maintains it’s form and won’t react to changes in the environment.

  • Karndean is a great choice for wet rooms such as a bathroom or utility room, as the waterproof finish prevents any water from seeping in. Laminate flooring can withstand a certain degree of moisture but in extremely wet environments they will start to delaminate.

  • Karndean is a highly customisable flooring; customers can choose which design or pattern they’d like, as well as customising the borders, decorative strips and grouting to give them a unique flooring.


Where can you buy Karndean?

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Where can you buy Laminate?

We also sell Laminate flooring direct on our site. Click the link below to take you to our Laminate collection. 

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