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Is stone effect laminate flooring suitable for kitchens?

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen floor, then laminate flooring is the perfect choice because of its durability. Our laminate floors are designed with scratch resistant properties, so they are able to withstand the occasional drop of a saucepan. It can also be much cheaper and easier to install than a real stone floor too. Before installing your floor we also recommend putting down a suitable underlay, which will help to absorb any impact making it more comfortable for you to walk and move around on.

Underfoot stone effect laminate flooring comes in a range of different colours and authentic tile styles, suiting a variety of kitchen cabinetry. Stone effect laminate is not only amazing for kitchens and bathrooms, but also looks great in bedrooms and living rooms.

What is the most realistic looking laminate flooring?

All our stone effect flooring have been made using the highest quality materials and latest techniques, to ensure they look as authentic as possible. To ensure this, we only sell our own brand of laminate floors that we have designed to reflect current trends, with a handful of timeless designs in the mix too.

Laminate floors are made using layers of timber, which are then topped with a photographic layer. Our stone effect laminate floors feature subtle design details to look as realistic as possible including small variations in each set of planks, to help create character and represent the natural variations you would find in real stone. Complementary bevelled edges help to mimic grouting, and textured 3D embossing enhances the realistic feel. A staggered pattern is created with the installation system, further replicating the look of actual stone tiles.

Can I get black stone effect laminate flooring?

The beauty of laminate stone effect flooring is that the specially designed photographic we mentioned before, means the possibilities of design are endless, as you are not limited by the stone colours found in nature. So you can certainly go for a black stone effect laminate floor!

Black stone laminate is most commonly used in kitchens, as it is great at hiding any imperfections. We also have other colours and designs to complement a range of decors, from ice white to natural light greys and traditional browns.