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Which grey floor would suit my home?

Who’d of thought there would be so many shades of grey?! Underfoot have some gorgeous grey laminate flooring ranges, ranging from silvery cool grey to warm taupes. Our light grey ranges are perfect for making small spaces feel bigger. The cool undertones create a calming and soothing atmosphere, capturing the light and opening up the room. For a contrasting look, darker greys pair well with bright vibrant colour schemes. Add a splash of colour to channel modern artsy vibes in your home.

If you are still having a hard time deciding, why not take advantage of complimentary sample service? You can choose up to four free samples delivered straight to your door. We will send out generous 30cm samples, which you can place around your home to see how they look in different rooms and under different lights. We are sure you will find the perfect cheap grey laminate flooring for your home.

Where can I install Underfoot grey laminate?

Underfoot grey laminate flooring can be installed across the home, and each range comes with its own great qualities suited for different areas.

Our grey laminate tiles look beautiful in bathrooms and kitchens, designed to resemble real stone with subtle detailing and 3D embossing. Crafted from high-quality materials, laminate is harder to chip and is more comfortable underfoot. Many of our grey laminate floors feature anti-slip protection, so you can move around care-free. We also have a vast selection of wood effect laminates for a more traditional, yet modern, flooring solution that looks great in any room. We love long linear planks for an expansive rolling feel, making rooms seem bigger and hallways longer. If you fancy more of a statement, Underfoot stock gorgeous herringbone patterns too.

How do I install laminate?

Underfoot floors can be installed by both DIYers and trade professionals. All of our grey laminate flooring is installed using our simple one-click system, it couldn’t be easier. If you have some spare time or want to save some pennies, then why not give it a go yourself? On our site you can find everything you need, not just the floor. We have underlay, beading, skirting boards - the lot!

If you have any questions about what you need to install your new underfoot floor, then feel free to contact our team of experts. We are available on the phone, via email or live chat.

How much laminate do I need for my room?

Measuring the room correctly is an important part of the process, to ensure you purchase the right amount of your new grey oak effect laminate flooring - you don’t want to be short or have lots of wastage!

Luckily, our handy calculator will help you work out approximately how much you need. Simply enter the total area you need covered, or work out the coverage by entering the length and width of the room. The calculator will then tell you how many packs you need, the area this would cover, when it can all be delivered and how much it will cost! It really is that simple. Our useful calculator tool can be found on each product page.