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What is dark oak wood flooring?

All of our dark oak wood collection is engineered wood flooring. The beauty of engineered wood floors lies in its construction, combining multiple layers of timber with a solid wood upper. This upper layer is crafted from real hardwood, for the unmistakable beauty and feel of solid wood.

Underfoot engineered floors are super hardwearing, designed to allow for wood expansion without causing damage to the planks, making it suitable for high moisture areas and for use with underfloor heating systems. Whether you're looking for herringbone or paneled dark oak flooring, there's a range suitable for all budgets!

Where can I use dark oak wood flooring?

Our engineered wood floors are installed using a classic tongue and groove system, which means they can be floated over existing floorboards, and many other surfaces including concrete. The versatility of dark oak wood floors makes it ideal for use across the home, while the delicate and graceful natural features add just the right amount of rustic beauty.

They are not just homes, our dark oak wood flooring looks great in commercial settings too. For added peace of mind all Underfoot wood floors come with a fantastic 25 year structural warranty for both applications.

How to keep dark wood floors clean

People often worry that dark wood floors are notorious for showing up dirt, but with a few tricks and simple maintenance your oak wood floors will stay looking shiny and new for years.

From a practical point of view, darker floors are actually better at hiding stains and imperfections, great for high usage areas such as kitchens. We always recommend using a suitable wood cleaner for your floors, this will help preserve the natural wood whilst keeping the planks clean and smelling fresh.

A few things to avoid are standing pools of water and vacuum cleaners. When left, water can seep through the joins of the wood planks and cause damage to the lower layers. Vacuum cleaners, unless they have specific hardwood settings, may scratch your floor, and often a soft bristled brush should be more than enough to sweep up loose dirt.

Does dark wood flooring go with light oak cabinets?

Our dark oak wood floors have been designed with the latest trends in mind, oozing sophistication and richness. Because of its versatility this type of engineered oak flooring is a popular choice across many homes.

Dark oak wood flooring definitely goes well with light oak cabinets. Light bright whites and soft pastels create more of a modern feel when paired with this timeless style of flooring. Or for those who prefer a splash of colour, warm colours, such as deep reds, complement the deep rich tones of the dark oak creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere, which works well in larger rooms.

If you are not sure what style of engineered wood flooring will match your decor, then why not take advantage of our free sample service? You can choose up to four samples, delivered straight to your door. These samples are perfectly sized to fit alongside your furniture and cabinetry, so you can see which style works best.