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What is engineered wood flooring?

Underfoot engineered wood flooring is crafted using layers of high quality timber, compressed together and topped with a solid wood upper layer. This real solid wood layer provides the natural look and feel of hardwood flooring without the price tag.

By design, our durable black wood floors can expand to accommodate for moisture and heat changes, these subtle expansions do not cause damage to the plank, unlike hardwood floors. Underfoot black wood flooring can be installed across the home, including high moisture areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The thickness of the upper layer can vary depending on manufacturer, so going for the cheapest choice might leave you shortchanged. For quality that you can trust, choose Underfoot for your new black wood floor. Purposefully designed for your home or business, our wood flooring provides a stable and hard wearing solution, that will last for years.

Is engineered wood flooring waterproof?

Whilst engineered wood does not offer 100% waterproof protection, it is highly durable. The construction of engineered wood allows for expansion in each plank in response to changes in moisture levels, without causing cracks or damage. For maximum protection, you could pair your new black wood floor with a waterproof underlay, which we would always recommend for high moisture rooms and areas with poor ventilation.

Damage can occur when water gets into the joins between planks, soaking into the lower layers of the floor and causing long-lasting damage. Although it doesn’t mean you have to panic every time a drop of water spills on the floor, just clean it up and you should be okay. Choosing a lacquered or UV set finish will also help, as unfinished wood will be more vulnerable to water damage.

How to clean black wood floors

Engineered wood flooring is cleaned the same way you would hardwood floors, due to the solid wood upper. Darker floors might be more difficult to keep clean than light wood options, but they are really great at hiding any imperfections. You are going to want to find a decent wood cleaner that will clean and protect your black wood floors over time. We would also recommend avoiding using a vacuum cleaner, as they can cause damage to the finishing.

In terms of maintenance, engineered floors are less hassle than hardwood and laminate floors thanks to the variety of finishes available. The solid wood layer means they are harder to chip or scratch. If this happens a quick sand and a new coat of lacquer will have them looking good as new.

Where can I use black wood floors across my home?

When it comes to choosing the best colour-scheme for your flooring it is important to consider where the wood floor is being installed, and the ‘feel’ you want to create in the room. Underfoot black wood floors can add a sense of depth to any room, oozing sophistication and drama.

The beauty of black wood flooring is that it complements most decors, and has the ability to make the room appear more warm or cool, depending on the colour scheme used. When paired with white furniture and light walls, black floors can be used without creating too much of a dark space. Darker colours capture the eye, and result in an executive feel, perfect for a home office.

Black wood vs light wood flooring

Black and light wood flooring are each popular styles. Light wood flooring is loved for its bright, natural, beachy look, whereas black wood flooring is known for being more refined, polished and sophisticated.

Many people choose to contrast their dark wood floors with lighter colours, although you don’t have to. In fact, choosing furniture that closely matches your floors is a simple way to make the room feel more coordinated and luxurious.

When done well, both styles of floor can open up a room to create a more spacious and inviting feel. The downside of light wood floors is that they reflect sunlight, showing every scratch and imperfection. Whereas dark wood floors absorb the light, which helps to prevent fading and make the space feel much bigger than it is. If scratches are a concern, then choosing our engineered wood collection is a great choice, as it offers fantastic scratch resistant properties. Whether you decide to go for a light or black wood flooring, Underfoot have a variety of solutions to suit your needs.